Worbarrow Bay for a change from the usual Dorset beaches

worbarrow bay

Worbarrow Bay lies between Kimmeridge Bay and Lulworth Cove on the Jurassic Coast though at this point the rock is from the Cretaceous period.It offers a long secluded beach for those who want to avoid the crowds.It is however a 15 minute walk from the closest place where you can park your car, so try and go easy on the amount of stuff you have.

It is also slap bang in the middle of a military firing range and so is off limits most weekdays.You can contact the Army on 01929 462 721 ext 4819 to find out opening times as the area is also closed on some weekends during the year.

To access this area take the road which runs from Corfe Castle to East Lulworth and turn left where you see the sign to Tyneham.There is a gate here which is closed at 10pm each day so make sure you're out by then.

st marys tyneham

Go down the hill and you will come to Tyneham where you can park your car and pay £2 into an honesty box.Before going down to the beach have a look round this village. It was inhabited up to 1943 when it was taken over by the Army to use for weapons testing.At the end of the war the Army decided to keep the area and so the villagers never returned.

All that remains now are the shells of buildings with the exception of St Mary's Church which has been restored and in use.Hanging on the walls inside are photos of the people who once lived here.

The school building has been turned into a museum showing life as it was during the 19th century.

From the car park there is a road which leads down to Worbarrow Bay,a journey of about 15 minutes.The beach is long though quite narrow and is made of fine shingle.At the south end of the beach is the imposing Worrbarrow Tout which you can climb to enjoy fine views towards Weymouth & Portland .

There is another smaller beach to the left of the Tout called Pondfield though the beach here is made of larger pebbles and rocks so is uncomfortable to sit on.

The beach has no toilet or refreshment facilities.Take your rubbish home!There was quite a bit when I was there, so much so that a big beach clean operation was about to take place.

Behind the beach is an example of coastal defence installed during World War Two. The Allen Williams Steel Turret is a steel chamber sunk into the ground,big enough for a man to stand in and fire at invading troops.The part above the ground can rotate 360 degrees with holes allowing Browning or Hotchkiss machine guns to be fired through.

Towering over Worbarrow Bay to the north is Flowers Barrow ridge, which is gradually falling into the sea.This forms the western end of the ridge which runs all the way to Ballard Point north of Swanage.

The summit of Flower's Barrow can be reached via the South West Coastal Path,a steep climb.At the top you will see the remains of an Iron Age Fort which commanded views of a wide area.From here you can see westwards to Mupe Bay and beyond.

warbarrow from flowers

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