Jurassic Coast Kayak Tours

Jurassic Coast kayak tours are a great way to see the coast of Dorset from a different angle.

You could do this on your own but unless you know what your are doing it's better to go out wit some experts.

Thus is was that I and a group of 11 others met outside the shop of Jurassic Coast Kayak Tours down at Lulworth Cove for a trip down to Durdle Door.

TIP to avoid hefty parking charges,before you get to the centre of Lulworth look for a right turn by a red phone box that heads to Durdle Door.There you will find free parking by the side of the road just past a British Legion Club.Otherwise pay rip off parking charges.It is then only a 5 minute walk down to the shop which is opposite the Heritage Centre and the expensive car park.

The weather was fine and after donning wetsuits helmets and crocs ( the shoes that is) we wheeled the two person kayaks down to the launch site.

After a safety demo from our guide we got in the water and headed out.

Lulworth Cove is a beautiful horse shoe shaped ( sort of ) cove formed as the sea has eroded the soft rock behind the harder Portland Stone at the cove entrance.

The kayaks are easy to manoeuvre though as there are two of you, you must have your paddling coordinated or the blades will clash!

Once out of the shelter of the Cove we headed west towards Durdle Door and into the teeth of a westerly wind, so the going was quite tough.Quite a swell too, so you will get wet.

We passed by The Stair Hole which is a mini Lulworth Cove in the making, and saw some Falcons which are nesting in the cliff face.

After about an hour we came to Durdle Door itself.The whole rock formation which ends in the Door has a vague resemblance to a dragon when viewed from the ocean side,see if you can spot it.

After paddling though the arch of the Door we went at ramming speed up onto the beach for a pit stop,taking in fruit juice and chocolate.

Then we all got in our kayaks again whilst still on the beach, and our guide pushed us back in the water.

Then it was back through the door,a left turn and head for home.

The journey back was much easier as we had the wind behind us.We went through the caves at Stair Hole followed by the site of a capsize by one of the group as they got too close to the rocks.

They did manage to get back on their kayak with great help from the guide and then we were round the corner and back to the tranquility of Lulworth Cove.

Fortunately we did not have to wheel the kayaks back up to the shop as they were needed for the afternoon group.

Back up the shop we got out of our wet, slightly smelly, wet suits.You will be pleased to know there is a fish and chip shop next door as by the end of your trip you will be hungry.

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