Green Dorset:Preparing for a post carbon world

Green Dorset;the idea is to be more self reliant,and cut those food miles down.The best way of getting to that state is, in my view, through the transition movement.

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Transition Bournemouth is part of the wider Transition movement,grown out of the gradual realisation that we are coming to the end of an era of cheap fossil fuels.

The phrase you may here is peak oil to acknowledge the fact that we have now reached the peak of oil extraction,around 80 millions barrels and day.

All the major oil fields which were discovered decades ago are now seeing a drop in extraction rates, which will only lead to price volatility putting oil out of reach for most people of this world.

So we move from a carbon to a post carbon world hence the phrase transition.

The first Transition town in the UK was Totnes in Devon started by Rob Hopkins but many more have grown up around the UK and the world.

The aim is firstly to raise awareness of just how much we rely on fossil fuels to provide heat, hot water, electricity, and getting all our food and water to us.

Once we see this it becomes clear that the current way of living cannot be sustained on a finite planet.We have to prepare for the great power down when energy consumption drops dramatically.

So what is required is to build robust local economies where we grow and buy our food locally.

I have already started this process by digging up part of my back garden and planting fruit and vegetables.If you don't have a garden then check out Landshare assuming you live in the UK and find someone who has land.You can work together to grow the produce then share it.

Some towns such as Totnes and Lewes in Sussex have created their own currency,which is redeemable in local shops with the intention of supporting the local economy and stopping the wealth of the area going elsewhere.

Within the Bournemouth and Poole areas there are three Transition groups your can join.

Bournemouth you can find here

Poole you can find here

and for Wimborne go here On these sites you will find lots of events going on, and have the chance to meet like minded people who want to make a difference and prepare for the post carbon world.

To get started I suggest you go to a viewing of the Transition Towns Film which shows how the transition movement started. Afterwards earnest conversations then ensue and you are sure to meet people who can help you get involved.

Green Dorset:it's the only way forward.

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