Durdle Door: see it before it goes,well that may be a few million years

durdle door

Durdle Door is one of the most recognisable features of the Jurassic Coast and lies about a mile west of Lulworth Cove another well visited spot in these parts.Cliff Richard even used it ( the Door) as a backdrop to one of his videos.I will leave it to you to decide if that adds kudos to the place.

It can be easily reached from the Holiday Park just back from the coastline.You can leave your car at the top of the hill which leads down to the Door.If you have come from Lulworth Cove the parking ticket you bought there is valid here also.

The decent from the car park is steep though the path has ben widened due to the high number of visitors.You will reach a vantage point which looks down on the door.Most of the classic photos of Durdle Door are taken from this spot.

There are a steeper, narrower, set of steps which lead right down to the beach.Do not expect fine sand,it is fine shingle here and in bear feet can be a bit irritating.

The arch is made from hard limestone known as Portland Stone which has been tilted upright.The softer rock behind has been eroded away leaving the arch exposed.

This line of hard rock continues in the bay to the east ,known as Man O' War Bay where it has been eroded right down to sea level though it is exposed at low tide.

This is the better side for swimming and sunbathing as it is sheltered from the prevailing South West winds.Still a shingle beach though.

Back on the Durdle if you start walking westwards there are small caves at the base of the cliffs which are worth a look.Do NOT try and climb the Door and jump off it as some idiots do.This is a dangerous practice as the water could be shallow if you time the jump badly.

There are no toilet or eating facilities here but the holiday park at the top does,so stop there first if you need to.

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