Dorset Weather:milder than most of the country

Dorset weather is not as extreme as other parts of the UK.

Given that it borders the English Channel,it never really gets cold even in January or February though in the winter of 2009,I saw the heaviest falls of snow I have witnessed in the six years I have lived in this county.There was even snow falling on the beach at Sandbanks.

Storms do occur as they come across the Atlantic,so whatever time of year you come even July bring some warm clothing if you intend to walk on any part of the Jurassic Coast

When there is no wind there is nothing better than going down to the beaches and enjoying the sunshine and sand.July and August are the best months,though the summer often drifts into September too.

The weather is vital to the tourist industry and now Bournemouth Council have decided the forecasts provided by the Met Office are just not accurate enough.Forecasts of bad weather over the holiday period deter people visiting the area.So now they are using Weathernetto provide what they hope will be more accurate weather predictions.

For this they are paying £3000pa.

No one can predict however if this move will pay off.We shall see.

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