Travel to Dorset at little cost

Dorset is well served by both trains and buses.

You can get down to Bournemouth in about 1 hour 45 mins on the train from Waterloo ,or onto Weymouth for another hour.The trains are operated by South West Trains but I recommend you go to Rail Easy for train times and fares.

For really cheap travel I recommend you use the Megabus service.This costs as little as a pound and you have the choice of going by train or bus. Note, you do have to travel at off peak times.There are also only a few services a day so it is best to book well in advance.

For other times the alternative is a National Express bus.The number 35 goes from Poole right up to Victoria in London which may be a better starting point for you depending where in London you are staying.To book click the link below:


If you are wanting to travel onwards to Europe then EuroLines groups together 32 coach companies to you can get from Bournemouth to well London,Paris Rome or anywhere else really:

I have found that the train is better during weekdays as the delays on the bus can be long as you come into London on the M4.

At weekends the trains are quite often delayed due to engineering works which then makes the bus the better option as the traffic is lighter.

The bus stands are opposite the railway station in Bournemouth so take your pick.The station at Bournemouth is some distance from the town centre where all the hotels are so you will need to get a bus or taxi,the latter will cost about £6.

There is also a good bus service to Heathrow and Gatwick airports from Bourenmouth as there is no direct rail link to either of these airports.You have to get a train into London and then a train out again to Dorset, which is an involved process.

Far better to get the bus which from Bournemouth is 1 hour 50 mins to Heathrow and 3 hours 25 to Gatwick.The longer time is because the same bus is used to go to each airport.The bus has to visit all the terminals at Heathrow first, so if your destination is Gatwick this is may cause upset.

There are only two terminals at Gatwick so the odyssey around the airport is less painful than the one round Heathrow. Nobody likes Heathrow though Terminal 5 after the nightmare that was it's opening has now settled down according to my source in British Airways.

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