If your dancing feet won't be still,then head out to these pumping Dorset venues

Dance: the best way to keep fit.Dorset particularly around Bournemouth and Poole has a very active dance scene.I should know I am out there alot.


Now I do much more West Coast Swing which is very active on the South Coast.

This is a linear dance as opposed to jive which is circular and includes a triple step in the basic pattern.for details of venues and time go to

DorsetDance.com There are numerous weekenders and workshops going on around the country and overseas and for information about that go to the West Coast Swing Directory I enjoy it much more now than jive.

In Bournemouth town centre there is the Pavillion on Westover Road BH1 2BU, which serves primarily as a venue for concerts and shows,but round the back is a ballroom with a good size dance floor.

There are two bars selling massively overpriced drinks though there only ever seems to be one open.I have attended both jive and salsa dancing classes/balls here always a good atmosphere.There are plans to build a casino next door though how this affect the Pavillion is still up in the air.The Councillors keep changing their mind.

Just up the road is Bar So BH1 2BU which is part of the Royal Exeter Hotel in Exeter Road where they do tango dancing on Mondays and salsa on Wednesday.The Bar has recently undergone a big refurb including a big fish tank behind the bar except there are no fish in it.Well perhaps they are on the way.

The crowd here tend to be in their 20s and 30s whereas jive attracts more the 40s and 50s crowd.

This refurb has smartened the place up but has left a smaller dance floor.Cannot see the logic of that.But some people think it's good people watching space.

here. which happens at the same venue on a Wednesday Night til 1am classes 9-1030pm.£6 with the classs £3 just for the freestyle.

For the Cuban Salsa Congress please go

for more information.

For jive check out Ceroc Live who took over the Bournemouth/Poole area from Mojive in 2009.

In Bournemouth they are at the Pavillion on a Thursday Night for classes and freestyle.Monday to Wednesday go to Hamworthy Club BH21 3AP on the Magna Road Canford Magna(ie nowhere near Hamworthy!)

Here is some footage from some of their freestyles.

For details of freestyles around Dorset and elsewhere go to Uk Jive


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