Dorset Books

The Dorset Books page contains reviews of books that I have read and recommend about this county and how to get the most out of it during your stay.

The Little Book of Dorset

This is a great little book written by Emma Mansfield who also wrote the Little Book of Cornwall.

Rather you standard guide book,it gives you an amazing array of facts about this county which you would never have known.Such as

You will live an average of two years longer if you live in this county,but you must pay a lot more than average to buy a good home.

Under Poole Harbour is the largest onshore oil field producing 25000 barrels of oil a day.

Find out what a Dorset Knob is.

How Bournemouth became a tourist destination.

The book is generously illustrated with good photos,with each page giving a little snippet of information that will arouse your curiosity.

I could go on but the best thing to do if you are visiting this county is to buy the book and then just open it at random.I am sure what you read will give you inspiration to get out there and explore this beautiful county.

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