Channel Islands Ferries get you there without airport hassles and you can take the car

The Channel Islands Ferries allow you a fast and cheap way out of Dorset should you want to move onto these beautiful islands or further into France.

weymouth condor ferry

There is a service offered by Condor Ferries out of Poole and Weymouth to Guernsey,Jersey & St Malo in France.

Channel Islands Ferries are fast catermerang type boats which take cars as well as foot passengers.Journey time from Poole is 2 hours 10 minutes to Guernsey and 3 hours to Jersey.

The boat from Weymouth stops at Guernsey first so add about 20 minutes to the journey time if you are going onto Jersey.

Times to St Malo are 5 hours 15 minutes from Weymouth, and 4 hours 35 minutes from Poole.

I travelled to Jersey from Weymouth for £26.50 return.There is parking at the ferry terminal; £8 for the day.If you want to avoid that go and park in the Chapelhay area which is across the River Wey from the town centre.Here there are streets with unrestricted parking.

You can also get to Weymouth with the train which comes all the way down from London Waterloo.It is about 10 to 15 minutes walking time from the station to the ferry terminal, so if you have heavy luggage either get in a taxi ,or make sure you have one of those suitcases with wheels.

If you have booked your Channel Islands Ferry via the Condor website you will have a reference number which you give to the ticket officer.He/she will give you a landing card which will have your seat number on it.Go and sit there first.If you do not like where you are, wait until the boat sets sail then move.

Your bags may be searched by security people before you get on board.I was stopped by immigration people in Jersey who asked me the purpose of my visit and for ID.So take your passport or driving licence.

jersey Bear in mind that more passengers get on in Guernsey going to Jersey so you may have to move seat again.There are two levels of seating,I recommend you go in the upper one as you will be away from the big crowd swarming around the cafe,downstairs.

Keep your landing card as you will need to hand this in when you get off.Another landing card will be issued for your return journey.

There are also some reclining seats at £4.95 extra or a separate Club Class room were you can have table service at an additional £18.50 per person.

I had been told this boat is known as the vomit boat as it goes fast, and thus rocks more.On the day of my crossing the sea was quite calm,so all I felt was a gentle pitch.

On windy days please check you crossing is still on as they are sometimes cancelled if the seas are rough.There are plenty of vomit bags if you feel sick!

The crossing offers some great views of Portand as you leave and of St Peter Port as you arrive in Guernsey and St Hellier when you arrive in Jersey.

There is a duty free shop on board which sells stuff free of both VAT and the Jersey Goods and Services Tax.Usual things: booze,cigarettes, perfume and some electrical goods.

So pray for a calm day, sit back and relax.These Channel Islands Ferries are the way to go.

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