The beaches of Bournemouth and Poole are amongst the finest in Britain


The beaches here aren't all about Sandbanks There is more sand stretching eastwards towards Branksome.


At intervals you will see little valleys which come right down to the sea front and known locally as chines.

These chines are the remains of river valleys that have now dried up,are unstable and erode continually,but contain unique flora and fauna.

Moving East from Sandbanks you pass two smaller chines Flag Head and Canford Cliffs Chine, the second of which is dotted with several huts-really pricey real estate here, before arriving at the more substantial Branksome Chine.

This features a restaurant and bar known as guess what "The Branksome". I had a drink there once a while back, but no matter if you eat drink or do both the view cannot be beaten.There is parking here though it fills up quickly.There is more up on Beach Road-turn left out of the Chine car park up Pineciff Road and Beach Road is the first turn on the right.

There is also a small shop at the Chine for you to buy your paper,ice cream and sun block.


Moving eastwards the next Chine has parking for which you have to pay though there is a path up to Cassel Avenue where it's free.

Past here you will reach Alum Chine which has a good play area for the kids including a very shallow pool.There is also a fine Italian Restaurant called Versuvio.Eating out on the terrace on a warm summer evening is a pleasure. To book call 01202 759100.Again there is parking here with access from Alumchine Road.


Further along is Durley Chine which actually has parking on it:expensive as ususal £6 for up to 7 hours £10 up to 24 hours,but park at the top of the chine in West Overciff Road where it is free.There is a pub at the bottom of this chine,The Durley Inn which is very much an eating pub where you can sit and contemplate the ocean rather than propping up the bar.Worth a visit for the view if nothing else.

Keep going eastwards past this chine you will reach the Pier which has a smattering of amusement arcades but the town has shed any semblance of being a tacky seaside town. Very cosmopolitan now.

durley inn bournemouth

All the while the sand is fine,plenty of room for everyone,enjoy the winder surfers and rent yourself a hut if you're going to stay longer.

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