The Anchor Inn at Seatown:right on the beach

The Anchor Inn at Seatown sits right on the coast between Bridport and Lyme Regis.It has a striking setting being on the Jurassic Coast and in sight of Golden Cap the highest point on England's south coast.

The parking is limited with parking restrictions in place from May to September so you will probably end up in the car park opposite.

anchor inn seatown

They charge you £4 for parking there though it is all day should you wish to go for a walk, though on some days you get your money back if you spend more that £20 in the pub.

Inside there are three rooms which are not that big.Palmers is the beer brewed in Bridport.A good pint in my opinion.Behind the bar here is a clock that goes backwards so watch out for that.

A fish biased menu as you would expect,but quite pricey I thought.Good broccoli and stilton soup though at £3.95.


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