How I ended up in Dorset and how I made a website about this great county

Hello my name is Andrew Collinson and as you might expect from someone who writes about Dorset I come from......., Yorkshire!


I have lived in Bournemouth since 2001 after 14 years living overseas in Australia and the Philippines.

I came here to study at Bournemouth University and at the end of my course decided I liked the place so I bought a house here.

Now for someone who has travelled greatly,to the Barrier Reef, the beaches of Sydney and the Great Ocean Road,Dorset may seem like an odd place to end up in,even more so given I am from Yorkshire,but I like the place.

I like the place but still need to do a 9 to 5 job to pay for it all.Not much fun all that commuting,so I started daydreaming about how I could make money building a site about where I live.

Now building websites is not my forte.My knowledge of HTML is basic to say the least,so I needed to find a system to show me step by step how to build a site.

Not only that I needed a system that shows me how to build a site which gets noticed by the search engines and ranks highly for each and every webpage.

Then I discovered SBI which stands for Site Built it.

It shows you how to turn any hobby or passion you have into a profitable online business.

It will show you how to find the perfect niche that will get traffic.

You get to choose the domain name that is right for you,and SBI host your site.It's all included in the price.

And if you don't like it there is a 30 days 100% money back guarantee .You can even keep the domain name as a thank you.

Does it Deliver Results?

Yes SBI delivers results.

Most SBI sites are in the top 3 % on the Net.No other web site building company can deliver these figures.

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SBI will show you how to earn money from your site in so many ways.

You want to quit the day job don't you?

You want to sack the boss,don't you?

Well here is your ticket to freedom.

Now it will involve a lot of work at the start,but if you are writing about something you love will it feel like work?

Your rewards will come later on,as your content grows so will your traffic and then your income.

You can even earn commission by recommending SBI!

Think you can't write?No problem.SBI founder Ken Evoy has written an excellent e-book Make Your Content Pre-Sell

How do I Earn Money?

Well I have just started with Adsense where I am paid by Google to put ads from their customers on my site.If someone clicks on the ad, I get paid.

Next I moved onto affiliate marketing where I recommend products or services and direct my visitors to retail sites that pay me a commission when a sale is completed.

There are so many more ways to monetise from your site and Solo Build It will show them all to you.

So come on,start your journey to freedom.

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