The Square and Compass at Worth Matravers:a pub and museum in one building

square and compass

The Square and Compass has solved the flying chair problem that one encounters on windy days.Build the furniture out of local stone.

So you have these massive stone slabs used for tables and chairs at the front of the pub.Here you can sit and enjoy your meal and drink with no risk of the table tumbling down the road.

Don't expect anything too gourmet,this is simple food served on paper plates (these might fly).Also if you are a big group it will take you along time to get served.

The way to the bar is down a narrow passage from the front door. The bar is the width of a door is a door!

After being served there are two rooms one each side of this door,or turn round and go back to the stone furniture outside.I would recommend the Red Harvest beer, very fruity at 4.8%.

As an added bonus there is a museum of fossils,this being the Jurassic Coast This is to the left of the bar and is housed in just one room of the same building.

Here there are examples of Plesiosaurs & Pliosaurs found down on the beach, as well as artifacts from the wreckage of the Halswell which ran onto the rocks near here in 1786.

There is no entry fee, though you can leave a donation.

After enjoying your drink take time to walk round Worth Matravers gasp at the property prices,then perhaps go for a walk. Saint Aldhelm's Head would be a good way to walk off that meal.

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